About Us

Taqueria Lupita’s Mexican Food opened in San Antonio, TX in 2012.

In just three years, we have expanded to three different locations in the area. We have quickly become a favorite of San Antonio residents for our authentic Mexican dishes, items that offer a true taste of Mexican cuisine few other establishments in the area can match. Our Mexican breakfast menu is available all day. Our breakfast plates feature choices like huevos rancheros, chilaquiles (tortilla fired in thick chili or green tomato), steak and egg, and more. Each breakfast plate comes with beans, potatoes, and two tortillas. We also have a traditional American breakfast menu.

Our lunch and dinner options include favorites like tacos and burritos. Fill your taco or burrito with asada (marinated beef), picadillo (ground beef and tomatoes), refried beans, bacon, carne guisada (Mexican beef stew), lengua (beef tongue), pastor (pork), beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, gravy, and American cheese, among other options. 

We have plenty of specialty Mexican items available, including caldo res y pollo (Mexican chicken soup), or menudo (traditional Mexican beef and red chili soup), fresh barbacoa (barbecued meat), caldos (beef soup), and homemade corn and flour tortillas. We feature the best enchiladas and best tortas around. 

For authentic Mexican favorites, look no further than Taqueria Lupita’s. Our food can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Begin your day with one of our hearty breakfasts or end your evening with one of our outstanding dinners. We are your home for Mexican food at affordable prices in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Stop in today or call 210-923-2244  to place an order. 

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